Introducing Pennywise

Hello and welcome to my very first post on BDN! My blog is called Pennywise and I am here to help you save money…big money!

First, I should introduce myself, I’m Chrystie Vachon and I was featured on TLC’s Extreme Couponing where I purchased $625 worth of groceries for $2.87 cents at Shaws in South Portland. So for any of you who are wondering if Extreme Couponing is possible in is and I’m living proof.

I started couponing 3 years ago after I found myself as a self-employed single mom raising two kids. I quickly learned that saving big money using coupons was possible and it was my ticket to living comfortably on a single income.  In the past three years, I’ve taught thousands of people how to coupon though in-person classes and through my couponing blog ( I’m personally invested in helping each and every one I meet regain control of their finances by showing them how to save money on everyday purchases using coupons.

Each week,  I’ll be using this blog to bring you some of the best grocery deals at Shaws & Hannaford along with drug store deals at Rite Aid, Walgreens & CVS. I’ll also be sharing some of my tips and tricks to getting the best prices, along with pictures of my stockpile. Yes, I’m one of those crazy couponers with a huge stockpile!

Couponing has dramatically changed my life and I look forward to helping you catch the couponing bug!